So many choices! Why is Monthly Service more effective than Quarterly Service?  Monthly service renews the material barrier on a consistent basis with a more effective result than other service intervals.  Many Companies that offer alternative to monthly service prioritize their own profit over customer service results. Bringing a truck to your home or business 4 times a year is far less expensive and effective than being treated each month. Plus, we live in the Desert! Scorpions, DUH!!!

Is interior service needed each month? No! the beauty of monthly service is we don’t need to spray the inside of your home on a routine basis. Please understand that Good Pest Control starts and continues on the exterior of the building. Considering that is where the bugs start, outside is and always should be where effective service takes place. Of course, if there is a need inside, we will assess the situation and provide interior service on request. Plus, for a variety of reasons keeping service outside is safer from many aspects of service.

Do I have to mail a check after each service? You can if you choose. However, we offer both online payment source as well as well as onsite payment with an email receipt right to your inbox.

Why Arizona Pest Prevention? This is the Best question as there are many pest companies in the Valley but only a handful that are very Good. First our owner has been in this industry for more than 40 years! Arizona Pest Prevention provides tenured licensed and capable technicians that can handle your pest concern. Many companies suffer chronic turnover!! At Arizona Pest Prevention our average tenure of service personnel is more than 12 years with our company. For over 22 years we dedicated ourselves to delivering desired service results with on time every time pest and termite control service. Our average customer stays with us 9.7 5 years compared to an industry average of 17 months. Our owner still jokes about sleeping with the business phone because he thinks if you are calling at 11 pm there must be a need for response. We have and always will believe in Taking Care of our Customer. If you have a need for service between services, we will return and take care of without charge!

How does your company give back to the community? We are a Valley based service company that believes in all of the communities we serve. We have been a two-decade Chandler Chamber of Commerce Member with various sponsorships, Social Group interaction, Board of Director appointment and Support of our residential and Business enhancement. Further appointments in Municipal Board, Commissions and HOA Board responsibilities are accomplished.

In a quick response why do Customers have you provide their pest control service? From the beginning in 2002 we heard Customers say many times. “We Haven’t Had Service Like This Before”

What critters do you provide service for? Our core business is General Pest Control! We also provide Termite, Scorpion, (Sealing) Pigeon, Gopher, Bee, Mosquito, and Rodent Control. We are well recognized for our Roof Rat Specialty Service across the Valley.


More questions?

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