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Arizona Pest Prevention has serviced thousands of homes and businesses with Cockroaches.

The optimum approach in Cockroach Service Management is in Prevention consisting of Best sanitation practices, and removal of harborage sites in and under debris, wood piles and discarded materials. This will reduce outdoor Cockroach populations. Arizona Pest Prevention technicians provide treatment with properly labeled residual liquid,  granular baits and/or dust materials which will ultimately reduce and eradicate cockroach infestations. When we treat for a Cockroach problem we enjoin your cooperation in our Service Commitment!

Indoor (Kitchen) Cockroaches are a separate beast, which may develop quickly under sinks, behind dishwashers / Refrigerators, and near trash areas inside homes and restaurants. This invading Cockroach is known as the German Cockroach. This Roach is  troublesome and can be challenging in eradicating. Our service will calm this cockroach, but sanitation, cleanliness and mindful awareness are also key components accompanying a service program. We offer a consistent service schedule and properly labeled materials which can include liquid, bait, dust, and traps.


The American cockroach is the largest of the house-infesting cockroach. They are reddish-brown in color and grow up to two inches. They are found in food processing and storage areas, as well as other types of buildings. They prefer warm (70 degrees plus) and moist areas but can survive lower temperatures with the right conditions. They are often found in sewers and basements, particularly around pipes and drains.

They are attracted to sweets, grains, grease, and garbage debris. They have been reported to spread at least thirty-three kinds of bacteria and have allergens that may cause allergic reactions.


German cockroaches are light brown in color with banded stripes across their head and grow to about five-eighths inch in length. They feed on all types of food, garbage, grease, and debris. They are commonly found in residential and commercial structures, usually near kitchens and bathrooms. The German roach requires moisture regularly, has a high reproduction rate and is small enough to live in small cracks and crevices. They tend to avoid light and movement, so if you see one during daytime hours, you most likely have a larger infestation than you may think.

Baits, powders (dusts) and liquid residuals are commonly used in the control of German roaches. 


Adult males are a brownish orange or red, are slender, and have wings which allow it to fly. Adult females are dark brown to black, with cream-colored markings on her body and they are generally wider than the male counterpart. Nymphs are brown and blackish colored and can’t fly.

The Turkestan cockroach is primarily an outdoor insect, they typically inhabit in-ground containers such as water meter, irrigation, and electrical boxes, cracks and crevices, and hollow block walls with exposed seams and top caps. They are becoming well established in the Southwest. They can contaminate food and eating utensils, ruin fabric, soft valuables, paper products, and leave stains on surfaces they have traveled.

Some have mistaken Oriental Cockroaches for the Turkestan cockroach. They generally prefer living outdoors where they can find lots of water (the common name water bug) The Turkestan cockroach will find its way indoors around the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. (Plumbing) This is the same cockroach that some will feed to their pet reptiles, emperor scorpions and tarantula spiders.

Turkestan cockroaches like most are nocturnal and feed at night. These cockroaches can feed on a variety of things. They will crawl through garbage, sewage, and decaying materials. Like most cockroaches a qualified licensed pest control service(s) takes a professional to get them under control. Homeowners can take some preventative measures against both Turkestan and most roaches by maintaining good sanitation and maintenance especially around the exterior of their house.


German Cockroaches, commonly known as the “Restaurant” cockroach can sometimes be found inside private homes, shared wall residences, bars, gyms and oftentimes in offices, breakrooms, or grocery stores. Cleanliness and Sanitation are paramount in terms of importance. Produce shipments, cardboard boxes, employee handbags, backpacks, briefcases, and employee lockers are common areas where cockroaches are found. The common element is most all areas described and more are where there are people. The eradication of Cockroaches starts with proper identification. There is a standard among most all cockroaches that find themselves inside our homes, buildings, restaurants, and plumbing areas. Undisturbed, dark, moist areas that allow the cockroaches to populate and eventually become a burdensome concern that requires eradication. First, any area that allows population expansion is a concern. In any case once we have identified the threat we will place gel baits, liquid materials, or glue boards in out of sight areas to begin and sustain the eradication process. It is imperative to not cut corners when servicing a cockroach problem. A continuous and persistently scheduled service on a weekly basis is critical. 

American Cockroaches are frequently found in the street manholes and will exit the areas once heat and humidity create an ideal foraging period. Most of the time the closest area to the street manhole is our homes, businesses, and amenities. The first and greatest recommendation is all properties have well maintained landscapes with focus on effective pest control. Do not allow outside ground storage such as landscape debris, exposed garbage, storage, and unattended water sources. Treatment for the American cockroach typically starts with Cities contracting Pest companies to treat the cylinder walls of the manholes. However, proof shows it’s not 100% effective. Our treatment efforts much the same as the Turkestan Cockroach is to treat continuously on a regular schedule with liquid materials, dust, and granules.

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An independent survey conducted among our customers ranked our customer happiness at 98.9%

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