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The adult Roof rat generally is between twelve” to sixteen inches long including tail length. Hair can be soft to the touch with color variations from brown, black, to gray. The roof rat has a pointed muzzle, large ears, and eyes. The tail is generally as long or longer than the body! They deposit upwards of 25,000 droppings during a lifetime. Droppings are usually one-fourth” cylinder shaped with pointed ends. Roof rats are prolific breeders having 4-6 liters annually with almost as many young born to each litter. Studies indicate in ideal conditions a male and female may be responsible for hundreds to thousands of offspring annually! Their intelligence, acrobatic skills and capable climbing abilities create ongoing concerns. Hollowed fruit is a good sign of their presence. Roof rats’ greasy bodies can leave a notable smudge mark darkened in appearance around their entry points. They can squeeze through openings as small as a nickel to a quarter.

To date and to our knowledge no illness or disease has been linked to roof rats within Maricopa County.


Roof rats are known for damaging and destroying materials by gnawing, urinating, or defecating on product. Roof rats can cause damage to sensitive components such as computers, alarm systems, telephone, and electrical wiring. Roof rats have caused fires, alarm system malfunctions and costly loss. They can enter gaps  openings that are as small as a dime to a quarter.

The Roof rat is nocturnal and usually won’t readily approach new objects introduced into their living areas, as they are new object shy. The Roof rats nesting preference is the upper parts of trees, attics, and structures. They are commonly found in woodpiles, oleanders, under sheds, BBQ grills, behind refrigerators and dishwashers. Roof rats establish harborage areas. They tend to follow the same route to their food and or water source keeping their paths clear of debris. Roof rats require up to one ounce of water daily. Most notable calls come from people trying to sleep at night while listening to the scratching, gnawing, and running noise! Pounding on the ceiling only provides temporary relief.

Roof rats will feed on practically anything, but prefer seeds, nuts, fruits, and berries when in season. Roof rats are always attracted to citrus trees. They will enjoy a banana if available as well. Proper landscape maintenance, exterior storage standards and trash closures are of importance.


The control of rodents can be challenging based on several factors. The building age, construction, exterior foliage, vegetation, landscape maintenance and neighborhood action can lend to roof rat issues. Our service protocol steps include sealing holes, cracks, voids, and screening pipes/vents and Alcoves that allow roof rat entry. Exterior baiting and interior attic trapping are typical. Arizona Pest Prevention specializes in “buttoning up” structures. We have many years and thousands of rodent services with significant experience in preventing or correcting roof rat invaded structures. We follow up on a monthly basis checking attic traps and exterior rodent stations for activity. We will remove deceased rats and replenish bait, maintaining a fresh and palatable future meal choice for the rats. Hundreds Referred; Thousands Secured! We guarantee our Roof Rat Service!

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