Recent rains mean more bees in Phoenix, Tucson

Spring rains provided more food this year, so bees won’t take their normal June and July holiday from frenzied activity. They’ll stick around until October.

Honeybees bugging you more than usual?

You can thank the recent rains.

Bees flourish in two seasons in Arizona: between March and May, and from August to October. But the rains yielded more flowers with a bounty of nectar and pollen.

So, with plenty to eat and lots of time to make baby bees, there’s no summer vacation for this current brood.

“We’re seeing an explosion of bees across the Valley,” said Kevin Shannon, a technician with A.S.A.P. Bee Removal. “The colonies are getting increasingly healthier and healthier.”

Despite concerns over the collapse of hives raised commercially, the immune systems of feral bees are robust and they’re procreating quickly, he said.

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