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Scorpions are nocturnal. Scorpions hide under rocks, patio figurines, woodpiles, pool equipment and under garden vases. They are commonly located in cracks, holes, gaps, perimeter curbing, house J-trim and block wall seams. The width of a credit card allows their entry. In Arizona, the Bark Scorpion is of concern due to their venomous sting. While there are more lethal scorpion stings, the Bark Scorpion is our focus in our service areas.

Scorpions are eight-legged venomous invertebrates belonging to the class Arachnids. They are related to spiders, mites, and ticks. They have an extended body and a segmented tail ending with the telson. Scorpions are apparently able to regulate the delivery of the venom in scale to the size of their target. In some cases, a scorpion may sting and not release any venom! The impacting venom is a neurotoxin that affects the nervous system of the victim. There are some 1,280 species of scorpions worldwide. If stung by a scorpion, call the local poison control office at 1-800-222-1222 (Banner Poison Control) or your medical provider. If stung on the hand do not attempt to suck the venom out with your mouth. A widespread body effect may occur. No ice either! Cold Compresses are Recommended! Stay calm and call for assistance! Typically, Children and elderly require an immediate call for medical advice. We advise maintaining Benadryl or other Antihistamines on hand. Always contact Medical Help First.

REMEMBER: It may not be a piece of lint on the floor. Be careful!!!


SCORPION HAVE A Crab or lobster like appearance

  • Four pairs of legs
  • A pair of pincers
  • Long, segmented tail that curls up with a stinger on the end

Scorpions reach adulthood at a length of up to three inches. The longest known scorpion in the world is the eight” African Scorpion. Scorpions are primarily nocturnal and actually glow when exposed to black light. Scorpions don’t bite, they sting using a quick moving flexible tail. Arizona is known to have dozens of species of scorpions.


Scorpions are predators. They often attack their prey, lying in wait as they sense a food source approach. They consume all types of insects and spiders. Some scorpions may feed on lizards and mice if they are able to subdue them. They capture their prey with their pedipalps, paralyzing them with their venom.


The pedipalps are used in scorpion courtship behavior. The male performs a dance with the female, grabbing her pedipalps with his own and dragging her across the ground until he locates a preferred place to deposit his spermatophore. Scorpion gestation periods vary from several months to a year and a half, depending on the species. Each brood will consist of about 24-35 young. The young scorpions can be born in pairs, climbing onto their mother’s back to be carried there until their first molt in about two weeks, when they will be large and strong enough to take care of themselves. Scorpions may live for up to 6 months without a food and water source.

Scorpion lifespans range from three to five years, though some species are thought to live 10-15 years

Scorpion Treatment and Home Sealing

We highly recommend where scorpions exist, the property has a consistent (Not Less Than) Monthly service. The service consists of treating all areas known that scorpions seek, hide, and live. They are especially fond of dark and wet areas such as exterior water valve boxes, pool equipment and hose bibs. Our treatment consists of liquid residuals with materials such as Demand, Cykick or Lambda. These are effective and will likely decrease scorpions as well as a number of soft bodied insects. We also may apply granules, dust, or place glue board traps inside garage doors to stop entry. 

The most Effective treatment is sealing structures inside and outside. There are a number of steps to scorpion home sealing. The work can often consume at least one day with multiple technicians working. Access to the interior, exterior , roof, and attic are necessary. Considering the hundreds of homes we’ve sealed in the past, the customer feedback is absolutely positive! We start at the base of the exterior of the structure and work our way up to the attic and then roof. The interior plug-in plates, rocker panel switches Ceiling or wall air duct grids, plumbing voids and other areas receive service attention. After sealing is complete we still recommend monthly service as other pests and scorpions may still be found in the yard areas. 

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An independent survey conducted among our customers ranked our customer happiness at 98.9%

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